Military Families: Child Support

Cases involving active duty military personnel and veteran families within the child support system are often more complex in nature than those of the general population. Some of the complications arise as a result of institutional barriers between the child support system and the military system. These complications are then compounded by the nature of a service member’s job such as multiple moves, pay changes, paternity establishment during deployment, multiple deployments, year-long absences, and physical and mental disabilities that result from military service.

To provide specialized support for active duty service members and veterans’ child support and parenting time needs, the Texas Office of the Attorney General – Child Support Division (OAG-CSD) developed the Help Establishing Responsive Orders and Ensuring Support (HEROES) for Children in Military Families pilot program.  The HEROES project is designed to provide enhanced, family-centered child support services with the objectives of increasing compliance with current child support obligations; ensuring accurate establishment of support orders, expediting review and adjustments of orders; preventing the accumulation of arrears; and supporting increased parenting cooperation.

The OAG-CSD asked Dr. Cynthia Osborne and CFRP to evaluate the implementation of the pilot program.  CFRP’s goals are to determine the unique challenges that military and veteran families face in regards to child support and parenting; document what the HEROES project has done to address these unique challenges; identify lessons learned through the pilot program that enhance or limit the successful implementation of the HEROES project; and provide recommendations to the OAG-CSD on how the HEROES project may address any challenges that arise.

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