Publications and Posts:

Title Type Date
5 Things You Should Know about the Importance of Fathers News Post 2017 June
Federal-State-and-Local Efforts Supporting Father Involvement Brief 2017 June
Retaining Families in Home Visiting Programs by Promoting Father Participation Brief 2017 May
2017 Texas Fatherhood Summit Data Walk Series Infographic 2017 March
Supporting Fathers and Strengthening Families Brief 2017 February
Breaking the Cycle: Becoming Better Fathers through Supportive Fatherhood Programs in Texas Brief 2016 September
The Changing American Family and the Evolving Concept of Fatherhood News Post 2016 April
Event: Texas Fatherhood Summit: Building the Evidence Base for Fatherhood Programs Event 2016 February
New Grant: Effectiveness of Fatherhood Programs in Texas News Post 2016 February
Making Good on Fatherhood: A Review of Fatherhood Research Report 2016 February
Snapshot: Fatherhood Initiatives in Texas Brief 2016 February
NPR Interview: How America's Child Support System Failed To Keep Up With The Times News Post 2015 November
Paternity Uncertainty: A Look at Rescissions and the Role of Doubt in Parents' Paternity Decisions Report 2015 August
Child Support Unpacked: Examining the Factors Associated with Order Establishment Brief 2015 August
Mapping the Paternity Establishment Decision: Regional Variation in Unmarried Fathers' Birth Attendance and Paternity Establishment Brief 2015 June
About Fatherhood Research E-news 2015 June
The Importance of Father Involvement Infographic 2015 June
Understanding Today's Changing Families (Family Court Review) Journal 2015 April
Child Support: The Hidden Social Safety Net Infographic 2015 April
A Father's Support: More To It Than Money News Post 2015 March
Increasing Father Participation in Evidence-Based Home Visiting Programs Powerpoint 2015 March
Dads on the Dotted Line: A Look at the In-Hospital Paternity Establishment Process (Journal of Applied Science on Children) Journal Volume 5 Issue 2 (2014)
When Father Doesn’t Bother: Conditioning the Failure to Establish Paternity In-Hospital on Fathers’ Presence at the Birth Working Paper 2014 November
Showing Up is Half The Battle: Predicting Mothers’ Pregnancy Complications Among Unmarried Parents Working Paper 2014 November
On the Front Lines of Paternity Establishment: Perspectives of Parents and Birth Registrars Brief 2014 December
Dad's Absence at Birth Linked to Adverse Health Outcomes for Mom and Baby Brief 2014 September
Families at Risk: Understanding the Characteristics of Relationship Violence among Unmarried Texas Parents Brief 2014 September
To Be There or Not to Be There: How Fathers’ Presence at the Birth Shapes the Paternity Establishment Decision Brief 2014 September
Relationship Violence and Paternity Establishment: Mapping the Policy Implications Brief 2014 August
Infographic – Dads on the Dotted Line: Why Unmarried Dads Don't Establish Paternity News Post 2014 July
The Importance of Fathers – Father's Day 2014 E-News 2014 June
New Fatherhood Research and Practice Network Launches News Post 2014 June
In-Hospital Paternity Establishment: A Study of Staff-Parents-and Policy Report 2014 June
5 Things You Should Know about Nonmarital Births and Paternity Establishment E-News 2014 June
Increasing Father Participation in Home Visiting: Lessons from Mothers Brief 2014 May
How Unmarried Fathers Support Their Children News Post 2014 March
How Unmarried Fathers Support Their Children: A Study of Unmarried Parents Brief 2014 March
About Parental Relationships from the Texas PES Study News Post 2014 February
When Dads Commit Kids Benefit News Post 2014 February
Fathers in the First Few Months: A Study of Unmarried Fathers and Their Children Brief 2014 February
Why Parents Establish Paternity: A Study of Unmarried Parents Brief 2014 January
Who Establishes Paternity?: A Study of Unmarried Parents Brief 2014 January
The Importance of Father Involvement (English) Flyer 2013 October
The Importance of Father Involvement (Spanish) Flyer 2013 October
Portrait of Father Involvement and Support in the First Three Years after a Nonmarital Birth Report 2013 October
Involving Fathers in Home Visiting Programs: Lessons from the Dads Brief 2013 June
The PES Study: A Father's First Legal Act of Fatherhood – Establishing Paternity News Post 2013 June
The CAS Study: Increasing Father Involvement Through Paternity Establishment News Post 2013 May
Literature Review – Paternity Establishment Lit Review 2012 October
Introduction to Paternity Establishment CFRP Snapshot 2012 August