New Award: Effectiveness of Fatherhood Programs in Texas

February 10, 2016cfrp, fathers

FATHER INVOLVEMENT | Responsible Fatherhood

  • Grant: Effectiveness of Fatherhood Programs in Texas
  • Sponsor: DFPS Prevention and Early Intervention

Fatherhood programs have evolved since the 1990s from focusing on a father’s financial support role to a more balanced approach that emphasizes healthy relationships, parenting skills, and involvement. State and federal funding for these programs now number in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year, however few fatherhood programs have undergone rigorous evaluation. As a result, policymakers and program administrators have a limited understanding of their effectiveness.

Recognizing this gap in knowledge, the Texas Department of Family Protective Services, Prevention and Early Intervention Division asked CFRP to develop a comprehensive approach to supporting fathers in Texas. CFRP will be assessing the state and evidence base for fatherhood programs in Texas and the country. See CFRP’s newest fatherhood report laying the groundwork: Making Good on Fatherhood: A Review of the Fatherhood Research (PDF).

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