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The Importance of Father Involvement

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Helping our Heroes: Efforts to Help Military and Veteran Parents

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CFRP Snapshot – Involving Fathers in Home Visiting Programs: Lessons from the Dads

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The Child and Family Research Partnership (CFRP) is an independent, nonpartisan research group at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin, specializing in issues related to young children, teens, and their parents. We engage in rigorous research and evaluation work aimed at strengthening families and enhancing public policy. Read More

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How Unmarried Fathers Support Their Children

March 25, 2014child_support, fathers, paternity

[Related post: When Dads Commit, Kids Benefit] In addition to providing emotional support to their children, fathers play a crucial role in their children’s development through the provision of financial support. Children with supportive fathers do better across a wide range of cognitive and behavioral domains—from greater academic achievement and improved health to lower rates [...]

When Dads Commit, Kids Benefit

February 27, 2014child_support, fathers, paternity

Fathers have a profound and far-reaching impact on their children, shaping everything from academic performance and impulse control to social development and the capacity for empathy. But while the research is clear on the importance of fathers, many children are in danger of growing up in father-absent families. In fact, a majority of births to [...]

About Parental Relationships from the Texas PES Study

February 14, 2014child_support, fathers, paternity

Did you know… Relationship Duration of Unmarried Parents prior to Pregnancy In Texas, almost half of parents giving birth outside of marriage were dating for more than 2 years before the mother became pregnant.   Relationship Status of Unmarried Parents: 3 Months after Birth In Texas, the vast majority of parents who give birth outside [...]

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